Product Review: Benefits Of Window Graphics For Local Stores

Product Review: Benefits Of Window Graphics For Local Stores

Product Review: Benefits Of Window Graphics For Local Stores

Window graphics can help all stores great and small throughout the Houston area of Texas. But how can you use window graphics to effectively promote your local store?

Why Window Graphics?

Windows offer great space for signage, especially storefront windows. This is as true for a small boutique store in midtown Houston as it is for a big box store in Mission Bend. Shopwindows are usually commensurate with the size of the store in question, so don’t fret if your storefront is small; a small storefront window is perfectly effective for a small store. Furthermore, being at the front of your business, storefront windows act as the face for your Houston-area store. Your storefront window is how you greet people, introduce your store to them, and entice them to come inside.


You really can’t accomplish all of that without high-quality window graphics. You can use window graphics to:

  • Identify your store
  • Brand the space around the store
  • Give a sense of the identity of your store and convey the feeling you want to instill in patrons
  • Display important information such as an address, telephone number, website address, hours of operation, and more
  • Highlight certain products
  • Promote sales
  • And more!

How Do Window Graphics Work?

Window graphics most often take the form of vinyl decals. These vinyl decals can be as simple as lettering that spells out the name of your Houston-area store. Window graphics can also display the logo of your business. You might use window graphics to depict realistic or cartoon images of the products you sell. These vinyl window graphics use adhesives to stick to the windowpane, so you must choose the point of installation carefully because you can’t move them around once they’re on your window. It’s also important to work with a professional and respected Houston-area sign company that only uses high-quality materials and adhesives that won’t damage your window.

What Are Perforated Window Graphics?

Small vinyl window graphics will probably work great for that small boutique store mentioned above. But what about something like that Mission Bend big box store or similarly large stores? What about stores that want to cover their entire shopwindow? They should consider perforated window graphics. These can cover the entire surface of the window with high-quality images. That Mission Bend store can use images of fresh produce, models wearing their clothing, or featuring any other products they sell. The small perforations in the film allow people inside the store to see outside, but people outside just see a solid image.

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