Apartment Complex Rebranding Tips

Apartment Complex Rebranding Tips

Apartment Complex Rebranding Tips

Discover some ways you can make the rebranding of an apartment complex a quick, easy, and efficient process: here are some apartment complex rebranding tips.

Why would you need to rebrand an apartment complex?

Why would an apartment complex need to rebrand? While apartment complexes are homes for those who live there, they are businesses for those who own the property. And property management is big business. This means that properties frequently get sold and traded. If an apartment complex switches ownership, the new owners have to rebrand the complex as belonging to them. Furthermore, property management companies, like all other businesses, occasionally choose to undergo a rebrand. This might mean taking on a new name, logo, color scheme, typeface, or all of the above.

How can a signage company help with an apartment complex rebranding?

Managing an apartment complex is a lot of work and the last thing on a lot of property managers’ minds is how to handle a rebrand. You don’t want to have to think about signage in addition to everything else. At the very least, you will need a new identifying sign. This might be on the front yard of the apartment complex, such as a monument sign or post and panel sign, a sign in the lobby, such as an acrylic or metal sign, or a sign on the door of the rental office. Or, quite likely, you’ll need one sign of each and maybe more. A local sign company can design, manufacture, and install all these signs and more in your apartment complex.

Apartment complex rebranding tips.

Here are some tips to make the rebranding of your apartment complex go smoothly:

·         Notify your tenants ahead of time. Tenants can become uneasy at the prospect of a new property manager and it benefits you to keep them informed of all new developments.

·         Work with a sign company on the design of any new logos. If a new logo is handed down to you from corporate, then you don’t have to worry about this. But if you have input on a new logo or look, it’s important to remember that sign makers are designers, too.

·         Replace all signage in the old format. Any signage in your complex that adheres to an old color scheme or font, even if it’s just functional signage, such as parking lot signage, should be updated. You want to provide a coherent and unified look with your sign system.


Work with Houston Graphic Signs to make your rebrand go smoothly.

Houston Graphic Signs is happy to help with any rebrand, from apartment, condominium, and townhouse complexes, to businesses, and more. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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