What Is The Advantage Of Using High-Density Urethane, Or HDU, In Houston, TX?

What Is The Advantage Of Using High-Density Urethane, Or HDU, In Houston, TX?

What Is the Advantage of Using High-Density Urethane, or HDU, In Houston, TX?

Discover all the ways you can use high-density urethane, or HDU, for signage and all the benefits this material conveys for signage and graphics.

What Is High-Density Urethane (HDU)?

High-density urethane is a material that’s specially engineered to make signs. It is rigid and impervious to a number of factors that can degrade other materials commonly used to make signs. HDU is invulnerable to petroleum-based solvents and it is waterproof; it won’t shrink or swell as the temperature changes from cool and dry to hot and humid. Because of its sturdiness and stability as a material, HDU is relatively easy to manufacture as well as cut, route, and sandblast. HDU is often more affordable than alternate materials.

HDU Is A Great Material For Outdoor Signs.

HDU signs are often installed outside. They can be used to identify properties, promote businesses, dedicate parks and outdoor spaces, and even for events. But being outside can really wear on a sign. Outdoor signs typically have a shorter lifespan than indoor signs. Even in a place like Houston where snow is rare, rain, wind, and sun bleaching all damage signs. HDU stands up remarkably well to the elements.

HDU Is Excellent For Sandblasted Signs.

Sandblasting is a terrific way to make striking and effective signs. The process involves blowing solid particles (usually sand) at high speeds across a sign panel. The effect is a smooth, even finish that is hard to replicate by other methods. Traditionally, the most common material to sandblast was wood. Perhaps the most popular type of lumber to sandblast is cedar. Cedar can withstand the elements better than other types of wood and it is remarkably resistant to bugs and pests.


Cedar is great for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, it’s typically quite expensive. It’s important for many businesses to save money where they can, which is why HDU is a great alternative. Sandblasted HDU signs can look every bit as professional and compelling as cedar signs, yet they are more affordable and, if anything, they’re even more durable. HDU takes to sandblasting really well, so you can easily create the look you want. This is also true of routing, cutting, and edging. If you want a dimensional sign, an HDU sign is a great option because you have a lot of control over how the finished sign looks

Work With Houston Graphic Signs For All Your High-Density Urethane Needs.

At Houston Graphic Signs we can design, manufacture, and install HDU signs for clients in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about HDU, or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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