What You Should Know About Church Signs

What You Should Know About Church Signs

What You Should Know About Church Signs

Churches, and other places of worship, often have designs, architecture, and aesthetics that are unique to them, and the same can be said about church signs.

What Exactly Is A Church Sign?

Churches typically use many different signs to fulfil different functions. However, usually when we talk of a “church sign”, we mean the outdoor sign that is installed in front of the church, usually on the lawn or in the parking lot. This sign identifies the church by stating the name of the church and it might include contact information, such as an address, telephone number, or web address.


Church signs employed by just about every denomination, including Presbyterian,  Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholic, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and many more. And while they’re often called “church signs”, the same kind of sign can be used for any place of worship, not just for Christian churches. Mosques, synagogues, and temples also all often use these signs, as do other types of buildings, such as schools and recreation centers.

What Are Your Church Sign Options?

The most common form of church sign follows the post and panel sign design. The sign panel of is held in place by one or two posts. The panel can be held firmly from by a post, an arm, or a crossbar, or the panel can hang from the crossbar or arm via a cable, rope, or chain. This can cause it to swing in the breeze, creating some movement. Post and panel signs are perhaps the most common type of yard signs. For example, they are the go-to sign for many commercial realtors in the Houston area.


But while they follow the basic architecture of a post and panel sign, church signs are typically much larger and sturdier than most other post and panel signs. Church signs most often have a long sign panel held up by two posts. The larger a church sign is, the greater its range of visibility. Church signs can be made of metal, wood, or high-density urethane (HDU).

Many Church Signs Have Replaceable Plastic Letter Tiles.

Apart from maybe schools, churches probably use removable letter tiles more than any other organizations. With these letter tiles you can quote bible verses, mention the theme of an upcoming sermon, and send messages to your parishioners. Some churches achieve this effect electronically, displaying this information digitally via an LED board.

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