Do Restroom Signs Need to be ADA Compliant?

Do Restroom Signs Need to be ADA Compliant?

Do Restroom Signs Need to be ADA Compliant in Houston

Every business needs restroom signs. People need to know where the restrooms are and which one they should use. And what about being ADA compliant?

What are ADA Compliant Signs?

“ADA” stands for the Americans With Disability Act. This is a federal law passed by congress in 1990 that prohibits discrimination based on disability. This initial law has inspired subsequent federal, state, and municipal laws. Braille is a writing system that allows the blind and visually impaired to read things with their hands. To be ADA compliant, signs require braille on them or to be accompanied by a braille sign.

But braille isn’t the only facet of ADA signage. Many people living with visual disabilities can see. They just can’t see things far away, make out text and graphics that use certain colors, or they see things in ways that make them look a bit blurry. To help these people, important signs—e.g., restroom signs—should be designed with large fonts, clear text, and uncomplicated color patterns. ADA sigs also need to be placed at heights that are visible to the largest number of people and without obstacles in the way of them.

Restrooms, as Mentioned Above, are Important. Do They Need to be ADA Compliant?

The ADA laws apply to all companies in the Houston area. However, the type and size of business you manage will also affect how ADA regulations apply to you. How big is your Richmond business? Is your Mission Bend business open to the public? Do you serve food and drink to customers in your Stafford business? All these factors matter. But what’s pretty universal is that if you need an ADA sign at all, you need an ADA restroom sign if it is available to the general public.

ADA Restroom Signs are Useful.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are about a million legally blind Americans. The National Federation of the Blind puts the number of Texans living with visual disabilities around 700,000.As the largest city in Texas, many of those people will live in and around Houston. You need ADA restroom signs to serve them properly.

If you’re in Richmond, Mission Bend, Stafford, or anywhere else in the Houston area and would like to commission ADA restroom signs, contact us, 713-244-8704 at Houston Graphic Signs.


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