5 Types Of Building Signage

5 Types Of Building Signage

5 Types Of Building Signage

If you’re new to building management in the Houston area of Texas, you’re going to learn quickly how important building signage is to your job. Here are five types of building signage you might need.

1. Channel Letter Signs

“Building signage” could mean any sign that is installed on the exterior wall of a building. But usually we use the term to apply to signs that identify the building. For example, a channel letter sign that promotes and identifies a retail store in Katy, TX, is a building sign, but we probably wouldn’t use that term to refer to the aluminum sign installed on the back wall of that Katy store with information about the parking lot. Channel letters are three-dimensional, illuminated signs that convey aspects of a business’s or institution’s personality. They’re highly visible, memorable, and allow for a lot of creativity.

2. LED Signs

You could use different types of light sources to illuminate a channel letter sign, but LEDs are often the number one choice. LEDs last a long time and they don’t use as much energy as other types of light fixtures. Furthermore, the light of LEDs has improved greatly since the harsh light they provided when they were first introduced,

3. Awning Signs

If you have an awning, you should probably have a sign on it. Awning signs can identify buildings, brand a space, and, of course, provide shade. If you manage a café with an outdoor patio in Heights, TX, an awning would be a great thing to have. Keep your customers dry in the rain and cool in the summer with an awning. And with an awning sign, it can identify and promote your business.

4. Property Management Signs

Property management requires a lot of signage and building signs are chief among them. Whether you need channel letters to identify a Katy apartment building or a roof sign to promote a Heights retail store, a lot of building signs can help with property management.

5. Architectural Signs

Architectural signs aren’t actually a style of sign, but it can be useful to understand the term. We generally use the term “architectural signage” when referring to a system of building signs. A sign on one solitary building is a building sign, but if that building is say, one of two on a residential property, then those signs would be called architectural signs. Architectural signs are popular on campuses; you can find them all over the University of Houston grounds, identifying buildings, landmarks, and providing directions.

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