Are You Rebranding Your Company? You Need Signage

Are You Rebranding Your Company? You Need Signage

Are You Rebranding Your Company? You Need Signage

A company rebranding is a lot of work. There are so many matters to which you must attend during a company rebrand. But neglect signage at your peril because company rebranding signage is key.

From Multinational Corporations Based In Harris County To Small Mom And Pop Stores In Downtown Houston, A Company Rebranding Can Help Any Kind Of Business.

When you think of a company rebranding, what do you think? A big corporation changing its logo? A franchise chain changing their color scheme and layout of their locations? A company changing their ad campaign and product line? All those require a changing of signage as part of their company rebranding, but the same is true for much smaller businesses. A company rebranding can be as small as changing the window graphics on your corner store in Downtown Houston.


A worn-out sign is a great opportunity for a company rebrand. You could get the exact same sign made as the one you had before, and maybe that’s what you want, but tastes change over the years, both yours and the public’s. So, if your window sign, pole sign, acrylic sign, or any other kind of commercial sign is ready to be retired, think about updating your logo, color scheme, or slogan. A good sign company in the Harris County will have expert designers on staff who can help you develop a brilliant commercial sign for the 2020s.

It’s Key To Remember That Company Rebranding Rarely Consists Of Replacing A Single Solitary Sign.

One common mistake you definitely want to avoid is having your signage represent different eras of your brand. If you rebrand the commercial office at your Houston headquarters, you’re also going to want to rebrand the retractable banners you use at tradeshows. If you update the acrylic sign inside your Downtown Houston business with your new rebranded look, then you should also update the sign panel on the monument sign outside. Uniformity is key here. Having different signs that portray your company in different ways will leave people without a clear image of who you are and what you stand for. Furthermore, different commercial signs that all look different communicate confusion.

Houston Graphic Signs

Whether you’re in downtown Houston, or anywhere else in the Harris County, Houston Graphic Signs can help with your company rebranding. From designing a new logo for your company or suggesting color schemes and fonts, to manufacturing the new signs you need as part of your company rebranding, to installing said signs, we do it all. To get started, please get in touch with us either through our website or by calling us at 713-244-8704.


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