5 Effective Types Of Lobby Signs

5 Effective Types Of Lobby Signs

5 Effective Types Of Lobby Signs

Any business, institution, or organization in the Houston area of Texas that has a lobby must also have lobby signs. No lobby can operate smoothly without proper signage. Here are five examples:

1. 3D Signs And Lettering

3D signs and 3D lettering make great lobby signs. Every lobby should display the name of the business. Using a 3D sign/lettering to spell out your business’s name will make your business look more professional and more successful. Furthermore, by utilizing the third dimension, a sign designer has more room to convey aspects of your Houston-brand’s identity than they might otherwise have with a two-dimensional sign panel. 3D lettering is a fun way to have your letters stand out and be noticed. They are great signs to use to effectively brand your lobby and make a lasting impression on your guests.

2. Electronic Signs

We often think of electronic signs in terms of illuminated signs and we often picture illuminated signs outdoors. While this may be true, electronic signs are still effective for indoor lobby use. Lighted signs stand out against all the other visual stimuli. An electronic sign using an LED screen can scroll through different messages, so they’re excellent choices if you have a lot of information to convey in your Houston area lobby.

3. Wall Graphics

You don’t need to electrify your lobby sign to create a truly eye-catching effect. Wall graphics can really grab people’s attention, too. Wall graphics are a great, inexpensive choice to provide functional information, such as directions to a reception desk, restroom, or elevator. But wall graphics can also be entertaining and engaging. For example, wall graphics depicting cute and fun cartoon figures in the lobby of a Katy pediatrician’s office can relax and distract children in what otherwise might be an unsettling environment.

4. ADA Compliant Signage

Whichever lobby signs you choose, they must be ADA complaint. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination of those with disabilities and this means your signage needs to accommodate those with visual impairments. Braille, large fonts, and proper placement of signs can help ensure your lobby signs are ADA compliant. Consult a local sign company to guarantee that your lobby signs adhere to all Texas state ADA laws and any relevant municipal regulations in Katy, Houston, or nearby.

5. Health Protocol Signs

You must ensure that people remain safe and physically distant in your Katy lobby to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health protocol signs in your lobby will inform guests of your coronavirus policies.


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