4 Things To Consider For Your Channel Letter Sign

4 Things To Consider For Your Channel Letter Sign

4 Things to Consider for Your Channel Letter Sign

Channel letter signs are effective lighted signage. They are great for promotion, branding, and identification purposes. Thinking about getting a channel letter sign for your Houston-area business? Here are four things to consider.

1. Font Is Important For Any Sign, But It’s Especially Important For Channel Letter Signs.

The font you choose for your sign says something about your business. Different fonts can communicate different qualities. What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand? Professionalism? Sincerity? Playfulness? Boldness? The font you pick is almost as important as the message itself. And with channel letters, the decision of font is even more important.


Why? Because channel letters are three dimensional. They have more shape to them than the text on a two-dimensional sign panel. The added depth of field allows for more character to be communicated. A sign and design expert at a local sign company in the Houston area of Texas will be able to craft a channel letter sign that doesn’t just say what you want, but also looks the part.

2. Your Choice Of Light Fixture For Your Channel Letter Sign Could Save You A Lot Of Money.

How you illuminate your channel letter sign is also important. You could choose an incandescent bulb, a halogen lamp, or a fluorescent tube, or neon. However, most sign or lighting experts will tell you LED is the way to go. LEDs are more efficient than other light fixtures, meaning they’re better for the environment and better for your wallet. Furthermore, LEDs have come a long way from the awful blueish light they emitted 20 years ago; now the light is much warmer and more pleasant. Lastly, LEDs can last for a very long time, up to 10 years or more.

3. Make Sure You Need A Channel Letter Sign.

Channel letter signs are great for outdoor use because they are highly visible at night, in the rain, and in fog. Inside, channel letters can also be effective but make sure you need them. However, Non-illuminated 3D letters can be just as effective for certain purposes.

4. The Placement Of Your Channel Letter Sign Is Crucial.

Even the best designed signs can be rendered ineffective by poor placement. What’s the spot that will maximize the visibility of your sign? Highly visible signs not only generate more views, they also help keep you in compliance with municipality regulations and landlord requirements.

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