What Are Panel Signs And When Should They Be Used?

What Are Panel Signs And When Should They Be Used?

What Are Panel Signs And When Should They Be Used?

Panel Signs are some of the most popular and effective outdoor signs in the Greater Houston Area of Texas. But just what are they? Should your Houston business or organization use Panel Signs?

Panel Signs Are Outdoor Signs That Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes.

The name “panel sign” describes what the sign is. The panel, which is typically rectangular, is the sign panel itself. On the panel is where you will find the text or graphics that the post and panel sign displays. The sign panel is held in place by one or more posts. The structure could be a simple vertical post and one horizontal crossbar holding the sign in place or two posts and a crossbar if the sign is large enough to require a second post, or if you prefer a two-posted sign for aesthetic reasons.


You can also choose to suspend the panel from the crossbar via a chain, cord, or rope. This is great if you’re going for a trendy or even look aesthetic, but it also has the advantage of swaying in the wind, and even minimal movement can catch the human eye. Be careful not to install a hanging panel sign in a windy area. A sign expert at a local Houston signage company can advise you on which variation of the post and panel sign is best suited for your purposes, location, and budget.

Uses For Panel Signs

Panel Signs can be used to serve as a number of different signage types including:

When Should You Use A Panel Sign?

Could you use a post and panel sign? Depends on what you do. Are you organizing a large outdoor event in Houston? Some Panel Signs can be made quite inexpensively, so it might be worth it to use a post and panel as temporary signage for a festival, party, or other social function. Panel Signs can also serve the same function as a monument and pole signs. While generally not as large as a monument sign or as tall as a pole sign, a post and panel sign can still effectively get people’s attention even when they are far away from your building.

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