4 Effective Uses Of Wall Graphics

4 Effective Uses Of Wall Graphics

4 Effective Uses Of Wall Graphics

Walls can be a great canvas on which to install graphics and signage. They don’t take up space as freestanding signs do and they often have good visibility. Here are four effective ways to use wall graphics in your Houston-area business or building.

1. Use Wall Graphics To Identify And Brand Areas.

Wall graphics are most commonly used inside, but in the right circumstances they can be used outside. An eye-catching wall graphic can get your Houston business noticed and help to identify it to passersby. Indoors, you can use wall graphics to brand spaces. For example, if you manage a business in Katy, TX, with a lobby, a wall graphic depicting your Katy business’s logo is a great way to impress upon customers where they are and the qualities of your brand.

2. Use Wall Graphics To Provide Wayfinding Information.

Wayfinding signs, also called directional signs, aren’t as fun as promotional signage, but they’re important. And with wall graphics, you can make wayfinding signs a bit more fun, too. Imagine a Chinese restaurant in Cypress, TX, where the restrooms are downstairs. That restaurant needs directional signs to point to the restrooms. But rather than just a sign that says, “Restroom”, this Cypress restaurant can display wall graphics of a man and woman in traditional Chinese dress to indicate the men’s and women’s restrooms, respectively.

3. Use Wall Graphics To Create An Ambience.

By using restroom signs that are on-theme, that Cypress restaurant has made the overall atmosphere a bit more authentic and cohesive. But they can take it even further with wall graphics. Digitally printed wallpaper is great for floor-to-ceiling wall graphics. Digitally printed wallpaper depicting images from China or stylized graphics that represent Chinese culture can give diners a full Chinese experience while they enjoy their meal.

4. Use Wall Graphics To Motivate Your Staff.

Wall graphics isn’t always for customers and clients; sometimes it’s for the staff. If you manage an office, you know how important it is to keep your team motivated. Wall graphics can help. A startup business in Katy, for example, can install a wall mural in their office to motivate their staff and create a sense of identity and unity. Wall murals are excellent for this. A wall mural depicting the company’s logo and/or slogan, along with images or phrases that represent the business are great to remind employees where they work and what you believe in.

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