When Do You Need An LED/Digital Sign?

When Do You Need An LED/Digital Sign?

When Do You Need An LED/Digital Sign?

LED/digital signs are strong marketing and promotional tools. They cost more than most signs, though, so you can’t make every sign an LED/digital one. When do you need LED and digital signs?

LED Signs

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. LEDs are some of the best light sources around. They are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs which waste most of their energy on heat. LEDs will save your Houston-area business money on your energy bills and they’re safer because they don’t get very hot. Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescents are also more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but they have a harsh, unpleasant, blue light. They’re the favored light source in so many poorly lit Houston offices.


Then there are neon signs. Neon signs are iconic, but their time is fading. While capable of displaying a bright, warm, welcoming glow, the neon gas slowly escapes over time, meaning the lifespan of a neon sign is significantly shorter than LED signs. As LED technology has advanced, LED signs have become able to replicate the warm neon glow. LED signs make for great building signage because they are effective at identifying and promoting businesses.

Types Of LED Signs

Pretty much any sign that can be illuminated can be illuminated with LEDs. You can see LED-lit signs all over the Houston area from cabinet signs outside convenience stores in Stafford to channel letter signs outside restaurants in Sugar Land. LED signs stand out against other visual stimuli as well as at night and in the rain. LED signboards can mimic movement, which can generate even more impressions. Lighting up different digitally programmed sequences of LEDs can create the appearance of movement. LEDs can also be used to illuminate digital screens.

Digital Signs

Digital signs use digital screens. Digital signs are bright and can display movement, meaning they also generate many impressions. While they require significant investment, digital signs are cost-effective because it’s easy to reprogram them to display a different text or graphic. Other signs would have to be replaced but you can keep using a digital sign for years and years.

Uses For Digital Signs

Digital signs are great when you want to display multiple pages of information. For example, a quick-service restaurant in Stafford can install digital screens above their ordering counter to display their different menu items. Likewise, a Sugar Land salon can display a digital sign facing outward displaying their different services in an eye-catching and enticing way.

Houston Graphic Signs

At Houston Graphic Signs we can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable LED/digital signs for clients in Stafford, Sugar Land, or anywhere else in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about LED/digital signs, please contact us.


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