When Should A Sign Be Repaired And When Should It Just Be Replaced?

When Should A Sign Be Repaired And When Should It Just Be Replaced?

If a sign at your Houston, Texas, business breaks, you need a sign repair company. Or do you? Not every broken sign can or should be repaired. But how can you tell the difference?

All Businesses Located In Or Near Houston, Texas, Should Have A Local Houston-area Sign Studio With Whom They Can Work. And That Sign Studio Should Be Able To Repair Signs. But What Signs Are Good Candidates For Repair And Which Should Just Be Replaced?

When trying to evaluate whether a damaged sign should be repaired, there are several factors to consider. Among these factors are cost of manufacture, cost of repair, style, uniqueness, location, and materials. If you’re not a sign expert, it will be impossible for you to know just how involved every sign repair will be. But it can be good to know a little bit about sign repair.

Want To Know If You Should Call A Sign Repair Company In Houston? Is Your Damaged Sign Expensive? If So, It’s Probably Worth A Call.

As with many things in life, money is a key factor in deciding if you should make that call to a sign repair company in Houston. And, as with many things in life, the cost of these signs will play a big role in determining whether it’s worth having them fixed. If you have a significant tear in a banner that you use for the annual back to school sale at your Sugar Land retail store, then you should probably just replace it. For one, it would probably not look very good stitched together and, two, the cost of the labor is likely to equal or even exceed the cost of a new banner.

What About Monument Signs? Pole Signs? Led And Other Electronic Signs? These Are Some Of The More Expensive Signs Available. Can A Sign Repair Company In Houston Fix These?

Let’s say a car crashes into the monument sign on your Katy, TX, property. Your monument sign is now damaged, but it’s still standing. In such a case, repair would typically be more cost-effective than replacing the whole thing. Let’s imagine a similar scenario, but instead of a monument sign, it’s a pole sign that’s been damaged on your Katy property. If the pole is damaged but the sign panel itself is OK, repair is probably the way to go.


How Houston Graphic Signs Can Handle Your Sign Repair Job.

You can’t always tell if repair is a viable option. That’s why Houston Graphic Signs is happy to visit your business in Sugar Land, Katy, or nearby and give you a quote, even if we didn’t manufacture the sign. Please contact us to get started.


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