What Is HDU? Is HDU Right For Your Sign Choice?

What Is HDU? Is HDU Right For Your Sign Choice?

What Is HDU? Is HDU Right For Your Sign Choice?

When it comes to sign design, materials matter! Not only will your choice of material affect the final cost of your order, but it will also partially dictate your sign’s installation options, maintenance requirements, and design possibilities.


To help you make the best choice, today’s post runs down the pros and cons of high-density urethane (HDU), one of the most popular business sign materials today.


Read on to learn a few reasons why Houston businesses use HDU, or call (713)-244-8704 to get a free quote with our team.

What Is HDU And Why Is It Popular For Business Signage?

High-density urethane (HDU) is a closed-cell, rigid foam material that is widely used in sign construction.


Some of the primary advantages of HDU foam include:


  • Durability—”Closed cell” HDU foam contains more solid urethane and less air than traditional foam products, making it much more durable and better able to withstand the worst of Houston’s weather. Depending on your sign construction, display area, and installation method, it could last upwards of 20 years. Moreover, unlike wood, HDU never warps, rots, or splits, and it won’t corrode like some metal materials.
  • Cost-effectiveness—HDU costs less than many popular sign materials, and its cost-effectiveness is increased by its incredible longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. It’s also a very budget-friendly alternative to real wood; most HDU signs are 30-50% cheaper than their wood counterparts, and with some skilled carving, they’re practically indistinguishable from the Real McCoy.
  • Customization—HDU is an extremely versatile sign material. It can be shaped, sized, or painted however you like, and it combines well with other sign materials, whether you want to affix custom lettering to a sign face or mount a dimensional logo up high. HDU foam can also be carved to simulate wood grain, granite, and other textures.

What is HDU? Is HDU Right For Your Sign Choice?

When you choose HDU for your sign construction, your design is only limited by your imagination. Whether you want something bold and eye-catching or more subtle and understated, our sign experts can fulfill your brand vision.

  • Sustainability—Plastic signs tend to get a bad rap, but HDU is actually quite environmentally friendly. Not only is HDU made largely from post-consumer recycled materials, but it also outlasts many other sign options, leading to less manufacturing emissions and landfill waste.
  • Lightweight—HDU is much lighter than natural wood, metals, and many other sign materials, which makes it much more practical for temporary and “mobile” sign set-ups, and more economical for permanent installations, eliminating the need for special load-bearing mounting hardware.

Of course, HDU isn’t right for every sign order. Because HDU is slightly flexible, it may not be the best choice for long, narrow signs, and a laminated backing board may be necessary for reinforcement in situations where your sign is exposed to abuse from heavy winds or passing pedestrians.

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