The Value Of Custom Frosted Acrylic Signs

The Value Of Custom Frosted Acrylic Signs

The Value of Custom Frosted Acrylic Signs

If you want the perfect sign for your business, property, or organization in the Houston area of Texas, you should consider a custom frosted acrylic sign.

What Are Custom Frosted Acrylic Signs?

Custom frosted acrylic signs are elegant sign options for business and organizations in the Houston area. These signs are designed to diffuse light and display a name, logo, or slogan in a sophisticated manner. Acrylic is a similar to glass, but it’s more durable and lighter, so it’s easier to install. For all those benefits, it still looks every bit as classy and professional as a glass sign.


Frosted acrylic provides a translucent background to your sign, as opposed to a fully transparent one. Similar to clear acrylic signs, businesses often install frosted acrylic to decorate and augment an interior space or prominently display a brand or logo. At Houston Graphic Signs, we can fully customize your frosted acrylic sign in full color.

Mount Your Custom Frosted Acrylic Sign With Standoffs.

Frosted acrylic signs often look best when they’re mounted directly on a wall using standoffs. Mounting your frosted acrylic sign with standoffs heightens the professional look of your sign and helps to maximize the longevity of your sign.

Add Depth And Color To Your Custom Frosted Acrylic Sign.

Using frosted acrylic can really make colors pop in a way that they may not on a clear acrylic panel. At Houston Graphic Signs, we use color management techniques and technology to ensure you get just the color you want. We can also make your custom frosted acrylic sign with dimensional letters. These are 3D letters that project off the panel. Colored brightly, they really make the letters of your sign stand out.

Come To Houston Graphic Signs For Professional And Sophisticated Signage.

At Houston Graphic Signs we custom make durable and eye-catching frosted acrylic signs for clients in the Houston area of Texas. We can design, manufacture, and install custom frosted acrylic signs, as well as a wide variety of other signage and graphics, for clients anywhere in the Houston area of Texas. So, whether you want a frosted acrylic sign for an office in Sugar Land, or a clear acrylic sign for a dental office in Katy, we can make the sign you need. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.



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