Sign Orders Made Easy: Making Sense Of Sign Products & Services

Sign Orders Made Easy: Making Sense Of Sign Products & Services

Sign Orders Made Easy: Making Sense Of Sign Products & Services

To move your sign system from concept to completion, choices need to be made. These choices not only affect what sign products & services will be necessary or available to you; they will also seriously affect your project’s costs, timelines, and success.


With such high stakes, and so many different options out there, paralysis by analysis is common among first-time buyers. But don’t stress—you don’t have to make these decisions on your own, and our experts are standing by to help you make sense of all of the different sign products & services, at no cost to you.


Read on to learn how we’re simplifying sign orders for Houston businesses, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a sign expert near you.

Solve The Paradox Of Choice: Ask The Experts For Help With Sign Products & Services

If browsing our extensive sign selection has left you feeling a little lost, know you’re not the first to get struck by the paradox of choice.


In one famous study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers Iyengar & Lepper (2000) carried out an experiment in which they presented customers a selection of free samples to take home, but only if they could make a choice before a timer ran out. They found that when presented with just 6 options, most people made their choices in time, but when confronted with 24 options, only 3% of people could make a decision before the timer buzzed!


Similarly, the sheer number of sign products & services available to first-time buyers can be overwhelming, leading to big bottlenecks and time sinks during the early stages of ordering. These delays can be costly, especially if you’re trying to capitalize on a small window of opportunity or create signs in time for a one-time event.


And sign type isn’t the only thing you’ll need to choose. When it’s time to design your sign or choose where to install it, paralysis by analysis could strike again.


But don’t fret—our experts are here to help.


Not only do we provide full support with every step of your order; we can also set you up for success during the pre-ordering phase by recommending sign products & services with your unique budget, marketing needs, and timeline in mind. It all starts with a free estimate, during which we will discuss your needs and explain which products fit the bill.


Rather than spending productive work hours falling down a research rabbit hole, you’ll get personalized recommendations informed by:

  • Houston sign code/permitting expertise
  • Years of experience in the sign industry
  • Thorough understanding of sign project requirements
  • Broad expertise with different sign products, materials, and installation styles
  • Current research and best practices in sign design, manufacturing, and site selection
  • Knowledge of local weather conditions and competitive signscapes

Get A Free Quote On Any Sign Products & Services In Houston, TX

To get a free quote and personalized sign product & service recommendations, you can:




Iyengar, S. S., & Lepper, M. R. (2000). When choice is demotivating: Can one desire too much of a good thing? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 79(6), 995.




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