How to Use Custom A-Frame Signs

How to Use Custom A-Frame Signs

Custom A-Frame signs (which are sometimes referred to as “sandwich boards”) can be an important piece of the marketing puzzle when you are running your company. Understanding when to apply A-frames properly is going to change the way you approach all of your marketing needs. A-Frame Signs are useful because they offer up a form of versatility that most other signs refuse to deliver, and they’re called a “sandwich board” because most restaurants will make use of them. The signs themselves make the shape of an “A”, and you’ve probably seen a few of them around town already.


Using A-Frame Signs is a great way to introduce new products and services into the mix, or simply promote the fantastic items that you’ve already have going for your company Most food-based businesses will have a sandwich board outside of their establishment since it’s so easy to publish daily deals and other useful pieces of information on there.

How Else Can I Use Custom A-frame Signs?

Customized signs are always going to have a personal appeal to them, which is much better than purchasing a generic sign and making use of it. You’ll notice that there are plenty of restaurants that have chalkboard A-frame signs outside of them, or maybe even inside – the daily specials can be erased and replaced the very next day if applicable. Restaurants have noticed that people walking by will read the sign and if they are interested in the dish at hand, they might come inside and check things out.


Every single sign that you make use of needs to offer up your company in a positive light. Signs are an opportunity to create new customers, and making use of a less attractive option is only going to hurt your plans.

Are They Affordable?

Custom A-Frame Signs are one of the most affordable options that you’re going to come across, as they can handle just about anything you’d like. Some signs are going to be very specific and only offer up one level of advertisement, whereas the A-Frame Sign is typically versatile and can be placed just about anywhere.


Use your imagination and apply the signs however you’d like! The most joyous part about using A-Frame signs would be the fact that if it isn’t working in one area, you can just move it around and test out the different results. Regardless of who you are or what your company happens to specialize in, you should know that custom A-Frame Signs are going to give you a flexible marketing platform for all of your marketing needs.


If you’re entirely new to the marketing game, never fear! There is an abundance of different signs to consider making use of, but custom A-Frame signs have to be one of the easiest kinds to implement. There are many different types available to be customized towards your needs, and they are also incredibly affordable – it’s a win-win situation.


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