How Can My Company Use Custom Wall Graphics?

How Can My Company Use Custom Wall Graphics?

How Can My Company Use Custom Wall Graphics?

Custom wall graphics are an effective way to put some style within the confines of your company. If you have ever wanted to have the logo of your organization vinyl printed onto a wall, this is your chance! We provide some of the highest quality wall graphics that you’ll ever come across here at Houston Graphic Signs because we understand the importance of professional presentation.


You want people to come into your store or business and think to themselves “wow, this is pretty neat!” – the sense of pride and accomplishment that one receives when their custom wall graphics are in order is amazing. OK it may sound like we are exaggerating, just take a look at the largest companies in the world right now!

Promotional And Non-promotional Use

You can use your custom wall graphics for many of different needs, and some of them aren’t going to be directly promotional. If you wanted to use custom wall graphics to brand your company, that’s also reasonable – many companies will use this process to put a massive logo or two on the outside walls of their business. You want your signs to be as versatile as possible, and custom wall graphics would be one of the most versatile options around.


You don’t need to use customer wall graphics on a strictly promotional basis, although some would argue that branding your business is still promotion to a degree. You can use it to build the look and feel of your business up to a professional standard, as well as use it to promote products and other ideas.

Innovation Is Key

Google is the perfect example of a company using wall graphics for non-promotional use. They’ve taken the traditional form of promotion and used it to brand the inside of their business space, giving their employees a more professional appeal every single day. It’s an honor to work for Google in most instances, and the wall graphics are just another way to solidify that. You can use custom wall graphics to promote special deals and offers that you might have as well, although they do seem to be a bit more suitable for the long term.


If you have a custom wall graphic installed by Houston Graphic Signs, it’s going to be there for as long as you’d like. You can easily remove them if you wanted to switch it up, but you can also keep a logo or branding on the wall for however long you’d like.


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