Digital Message Monument Signs Promote Your Business

Digital Message Monument Signs Promote Your Business

Digital Message Monument Signs Promote Your Business

What are digital message monument signs and how can they help your business or organization in the Houston area of Texas? This article is all about digital message monument signs and their business potential.

What Are Monument Signs?

Let’s start with the second part of the phrase, “digital message monument sign”. A monument sign is pretty much what the name suggests. While not as impressive as the San Jacinto monument, a monument sign is a large, outdoor sign. Monument signs can be made of wood, brick, concrete, or metal and the panel of a monument sign could be any of these, plastic, high-density urethane, or something else, including, as we will see later, a digital signboard. Monument signs identify buildings, institutions, businesses, and organizations on the properties on which they are located.


Imagine a miniature golf course in Cypress. This Cypress mini putt probably has a parking lot between the entrance and the street. As such, it would be easy for drivers, cyclists, and perhaps even pedestrians to pass right by it without even noticing the mini putt. That’s why putting a freestanding sign right next to the street will grab people’s attention much easier than a sign on the building itself. This way, people looking for the mini putt will be able to find it more easily and others will notice it better and might be enticed to go inside. And it’s not just Cypress mini putts that can benefit from monument signs. Aldine bowling alleys, Bellaire bed and breakfast resorts, and even Spring Valley churches can all benefit from monument signs.

How Can A Monument Sign Display A Digital Message?

Digital signs are useful for a number of reasons. First, digital signs are bright; illuminated signs generate more impressions than non-lighted signs because they can be seen at all times of day and in all types of weather. Second, digital signs can attract eyeballs because they can simulate movement. We are naturally drawn to movement, so a scrolling message or a screen depicting movement will grab our attention. Third, digital signs can display a lot more information than static signs. A static monument sign would have to be 30 feet long to display the different themed nights of the Aldine bowling alley, but a digital message monument sign can scroll through that information no problem. Lastly, while initially more expensive than most static signs, digital signs can save money in the long run because when you want to change your message, you just digitally reprogram it; you don’t need to buy a whole new sign.

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