Contact Us For Commercial Post And Panel Signs For Your Property

Contact Us For Commercial Post And Panel Signs For Your Property

Contact Us for Commercial Post and Panel Signs for Your Property

Post and panel signs are some of the most effective outdoor signs you can buy. Post and panel signs can serve several functions, but they are especially effective for commercial purposes.

What Are Post And Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs get their name for their two prominent component pieces: the post and the panel. The panel is the sign itself. It is often double-sided, and it can display just about any message you want, from the name of your Houston-area business, to your logo, slogan, contact information, and more. The posts are the poles that hold the sign panel in place. Small signs might only require one post, but larger signs need two posts. Post and panel signs are cost-effective and versatile as they can display a number of different messages. A commercial post and panel sign can be used for marketing, advertising, branding, identification, and wayfinding.

How Should I Design My Post And Panel Sign?

The number of posts needed will be determined by the size of your sign panel. Beyond that, your decision basically come down to preference. Do you want a stately, monochrome post and panel sign for your property, or a splash of color? Do you want slightly raised letters, full-on 3D letters, or engraved letters on your sign panel? Do you want to have your sign panel rigidly affixed to the crossbar or hung via a rope, cable, or chain?


A panel that sways gently in the breeze can generate enough movement to capture people’s attention. It also gives your post and panel sign a nice homey, rustic look that’s great for, say, advertising a rural property in  Houston or a detached house in Cinco Ranch. For your commercial post and panel sign you can use wood, aluminum (or alumalite),  HDU, PVC, or even LED panels for an electronic commercial post and panel sign.

Why Choose A Commercial Post And Panel Sign?

There are many different potential commercial uses for post and panel signs. For example, if you want to identify a business in Houston, use a post and panel sign. And because post and panel signs are relatively inexpensive, you can use them for temporary commercial reasons, such as for real estate, for event wayfinding, for construction sites, and more. For example, if you’re organizing an outdoor event space in Cinco Ranch, you will need wayfinding signage. Post and panel signs would be great to help people get around your event.

Houston Graphic Signs

We can make custom commercial post and panel signs for clients in Cinco Ranch,  Houston, and all over the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about custom realtor signs, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.



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