4 Uses for Channel Letters

Open Hour Icon07-10-2020

Channel letters are a popular choice of sign for Houston-area businesses to identify and promote themselves. This article will look at four ways you can use channel letters.   1. The most common use of channel letters in and around...

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How to Handle Sign Installation in Houston, TX

Open Hour Icon07-07-2020

Sign installation is an integral service that all sign companies should offer. If you’re located in or near Houston, Texas, you need to work with a local sign company who offers sign installation services.   Why Do Houston Businesses Need...

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5 Types of Lobby Signs

Open Hour Icon06-30-2020

1. Engraved Signs Using Engraved Signs is a great way to make any lobby look professional and classy. There are various places in the lobby where signs are necessary for any business. Entrance and exit signs Signs pointing to the...

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