ADA Signs: Why Are They Important?

ADA Signs: Why Are They Important?

ADA Signs: Why Are They Important?

As a business owner in the Houston area of Texas, your business must be accessible to people living with disabilities. One common disability is partial or complete blindness. To serve these customers, your business needs ADA signs.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to ensure that businesses all over the country were ready to serve Americans living with disabilities. This has had a major impact on signage.


Obviously, nobody would argue that being disabled means one does not deserve to shop. But it can be difficult for able bodied people to understand just all the challenges those living with disabilities face. Those businesses that really consider how they can help the disabled, will stand out. Providing high-quality service to all your customers is always a good business practice.


ADA signs do more than simply make your business more accessible to the visually impaired. They are also mandated by various laws, not just the federal ADA of 1990 but also subsequent state and local laws it inspired. If you do no not have ADA signs in your Houston-area business, you are missing out on serving visually impaired customers.


All businesses in Houston and elsewhere in Texas need ADA signs. But they don’t all need the same ADA signs. What kinds of ADA signs are available?


There are many different types of ADA compliant signs that offer different messages. You might need braille bathroom signs, large print hours of operation signs, or maybe you should rethink the color scheme of your business signs; some color patterns are more difficult to make out than others. The more ADA compliant signs you have, the better. You want to account for as many disabled shoppers as possible; providing a pleasurable customer experience for everybody is good for business.


Good customer service means repeat business and good word-of-mouth. ADA signs might seem like a small thing to business owners with good vision, but to the visually impaired they make a big difference. Some of the most common types of ADA signs available include:


  • ADA Bathroom Signs
  • ADA Door Signs
  • ADA Directional Signs
  • ADA Outdoor Signs
  • ADA Business Signs
  • ADA Lobby Signs
  • ADA Reception Signs
  • And more!


The ADA signs you need for your business depend on what you do, how big you are, and where in the Houston-area of Texas you are located.


If you are concerned that your Houston-area business has overlooked ADA signage, don’t worry about it, just call Houston Graphic Signs today. You will receive help from a certified professional almost immediately. They can field any questions you might have surrounding ADA signs and point you in the right direction. We are ready to help business owners in and around Houston get the ADA signs they need, so why not join in on the success? Contact us today either through our website or by calling 713-244-8704.


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