7 Outdoor Signs That Can Benefit Your Houston Business

7 Outdoor Signs That Can Benefit Your Houston Business

7 Outdoor Signs That Can Benefit Your Houston Business

Outdoor signs are crucial to the success of many businesses in and around Houston, Texas. Not sure what the right outdoor sign is for your business? Here are seven ideas.

1. Building Signage

Building signage refers to any signs that are installed on the exterior of a building, usually identifying that building. Building signage in Houston typically consists of spelling out the name of the building or business and/or a logo.

2. Channel Letters

Increasing the size of your outdoor sign will increase visibility, but sometimes illumination is required. Picture two retail stores across the street from each other in Spring, TX. They both use building signage to spell out their business’s names, but one of them uses channel letters, which are illuminated. That business will generate more impressions at night and in the rain. Therefore, that business will receive more customers, simply because of their superior outdoor sign strategy.

3. Monument Signs

Sometimes building signage, even when illuminated, is not sufficient outdoor signage. If you manage a business in Richmond that is located far away from the nearest street, a monument sigh located closer to the street will make your business more visible.

4. Pole Signs

Pole signs operate on the same principal as monument signs, but they are taller, so they’re better if your Spring business is by a highway or you want your sign to be seen above possible obstructions.

5. Roof Signs

A pole sign might not be necessary if your Houston business can accommodate a large enough outdoor sign on your roof.

6. A-frame Signs

A-frame signs are portable freestanding signs that are great for setting up on sidewalks. If you manage a restaurant or café in Richmond, an A-frame sign displaying your menu and special items can entice people to come inside.

7. Awning Signs

Awnings are great for keeping rain and sunshine off the front of your building or business, thus reducing both wear and tear and your air conditioning bill. Awnings are also great for cafés and restaurants with outdoor spaces. For the Richmond café mentioned above, an awning will encourage patrons to sit down and stick around. And if you’re going to have an awning, you should have an awning sign. An awning sign will identify that Richmond café and brand the outdoor space, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

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