6 Uses For Banners In Houston

6 Uses For Banners In Houston

6 Uses For Banners In Houston

If you’re looking for inexpensive, easy-to-use signage, you should consider your banner options. Here are six possible uses for banners in Houston, TX.

1. Banners are great for events.

Banners are one of the most inexpensive—and cost-effective—forms of signage, or any other type of promotion, available. Houston Graphic Signs can create a custom banner for you in a variety of widths and lengths. You can use banners to identify your event, to promote yourself, to brand spaces, to thank sponsors, to provide wayfinding information, and more!


2. Banners make excellent trade show displays.

Because they’re so important and common, trade show events deserve their own entry on this list. Banners make excellent trade show signage. While there are numerous different types of signs and promotional materials you can use to effectively identify and promote your trade show area, it’s difficult to imagine a trade show display that couldn’t be at least slightly improved with a banner or two.

3. A banner is the perfect temporary sign.

Because banners are so affordable, they’re ideal for temporary use. Whether you want to celebrate a grand opening, announce that your business is moving locations, or a temporary closure, and banner is perfect for the occasion. You can hang banners from your ceiling, over the entrance way, or use a standing vertical banner.

4. Banners are excellent supplemental signage.

Banners are useful for supplementing other signs. For example, you can augment your storefront sign with a vertical banner stand outside your entrance on the sidewalk.

5. Banners make great advertisements.

In retail environments, you can use a banner to advertise special sale items. You can also use them to draw attention to in-demand brands you carry.

6. Use a banner as a POP sign.

POP stands for “point of purchase”. These signs identify checkout lanes and help customers pay for their goods.

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