6 Examples Of Good Building Signs

6 Examples Of Good Building Signs

6 Examples of Good Building Signs

Building signs are some of the most common and basic—yet important—examples of signage in the Houston area of Texas. Here are six examples of building signs.

1. 3D Lettering Can Make A Simple But Effective Building Sign.

Individually made, three-dimensional letters are a good example of uncomplicated and efficient building signage. Large, 3D letters can really convey the characteristics of their design. The font you choose can say a lot about your business or institution. Whether your brand is authoritative and no-nonsense or creative and fun, the font you choose for the 3D letters installed on your building can really communicate the qualities of your brand.

2. Channel Letters Give Your Building Sign A Little Extra Glow.

Channel letters are the same as 3D letters in all but one way: channel letters are illuminated. Lighted building signs can be seen from further away and at night and in the rain. Channel letters are especially popular among commercial buildings and businesses within buildings.

3. Monument Signs Demonstrate That Not All Building Signs Have To Be On Buildings.

If your building has a large parking lot or yard between it and the nearest road, it will be difficult for passersby to see a sign on your building. A large, freestanding, monument sign installed near the side of the road can easily grab people’s attention. Pole signs operate on the same principle, but the sign panel is installed atop a tall pole. A tenant sign is one of these signs that identifies a number of different businesses on the same property.

4. Post And Panel Signs Are Versatile Outdoor Signs.

Post and panel signs can be used similarly to monument signs.  You can have a decorative aluminum post with a custom cut ACM panel sign between them. Either cut vinyl or a laminated graphic would be applied to the ACM panel. For a more temporary post and panel, you may want to use 1/2” signboard between two wood posts. You can attach a single signboard or place one on each side. Vinyl laminated graphics would be applied directly on the signboard.

5. Awning Signs Are Functional Building Signs.

An awning is great to keep the hot sun off the front of your building or to keep your customers out of the rain. If you have an awning, it’s a good idea to  have your business name and logo easily visible for customers to locate your business.

6. Engraved Signs Are Simple And Classy.

While not usually large, engraved plaques can identify your building with style and sophistication.

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