5 Advantages To Channel Letters

5 Advantages To Channel Letters

5 Advantages to Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are great outdoor signs for identifying and promoting businesses. Discover five advantages to installing channel letters.

1. Channel Letter Signs Allow For More Character Than Two-Dimensional Text.

Every sign you have is representative of your business and your brand, especially any sign you’re going to use to identify your Houston-area business. While it’s not the first thing we think about, something as simple as font choice can convey the character of your brand. Some fonts appear more playful and creative while others are more reserved and authoritative. Whatever font you choose, because channel letters are individually crafted three-dimensional letters, its character comes through a lot more impactfully than the same font printed on a two-dimensional sign panel.

2. Channel Letter Signs Are Illuminated, So They Can Be Seen From Long Distances.

All channel letters are illuminated (non-lighted channel letters are typically called “dimensional letters”). Illumination brings with it several advantages. A bright sign can be seen further away than a non-lighted sign. By simply illuminating your sign, you can achieve a range of visibility that could only otherwise be achieved by making your sign quite a bit larger, which is not always practical nor desirable.

3. Illumination Makes Channel Letter Signs Stand Out At Night.

Even if you do have the space for a large enough sign to be seen, if it’s not lighted, it can only be seen during the day. As illuminated signage, channel letters really stand out at night and in the rain, when other signs lose their visibility.

4. Channel Letter Signs Illuminated With LEDs Are Very Cost-Effective.

The most common light-source for channel letters nowadays are light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs have advanced a lot over the past 20 years. They no longer give off an unpleasant bluish glow as fluorescent lights do and they last longer than neon lights. Furthermore, they are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This means you will save money on your energy bill and you can expect to keep your LEDs for a long time.

5. You Have Different Installation Options With Channel Letter Signs.

You can choose your look for your channel letters with a raceway or flush mounted. A raceway is a mounting structure that houses the electrical components of the sign. A  flush mount has wiring, going directly through the wall.

Work With Houston Graphic Signs To Get The Best Channel Letter Sign For Your Houston-Area Business.

At Houston Graphic Signs we design, manufacture, and install channel letter signs for clients in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about channel letters or our other products or services, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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