4 Uses For A-Frame Signs

4 Uses For A-Frame Signs

4 Uses for A-Frame Signs

Read this article to discover four ways that an inexpensive and easy-to-use A-frame sign could help your Houston-area business or organization.

1. Use An A-Frame Sign To Increase Walk-in Traffic To Your Houston Business.

You can see A-frame signs all over Houston, most often on sidewalks just outside of businesses. A-frame signs are great for increasing the visibility of businesses and encouraging people walking by, and even cycling or driving by, to stop and come inside. Somebody may not notice a sign installed directly on your business as they walk past, but they will notice a well-placed branded A-frame sign promoting your business.

2. Use An A-Frame Sign To Display Menu Items And Daily Specials.

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are big users of A-frame signs. A-frames are great for displaying menu information. You can list all your menu items on an A-frame or just use it to advertise daily specials. For this use, a chalkboard or whiteboard A-frame is best. This way, you can write the special at the start of each day and then erase it when the day is over.

3. Use An A-Frame Sign As Part Of Your Trade Show Display.

Trade shows offer a great opportunity to increase the notoriety of your business and engage with potential customers and other businesses. But to be successful at a trade show, you need a display that draws people in and which promotes your brand accordingly. A-frames are easy to move and set up, and they’re great for catching the eyes of passersby. This makes A-frames perfect for use as part of a trade show display.

4. Use An A-Frame Sign At Your Outdoor Event.

Because they are so easy to move and set up, A-frames are great for events of all kinds. At an outdoor event, you can use A-frames for a number of purposes. You can use them to identify your event and to brand the space around it as part of your event. You can use A-frames to thank sponsors. And you can use A-frames to provide directional information. Well-placed A-frames can direct people to checkouts, restrooms, food tents/stalls, parking lots, and other places of interest.

Houston Graphic Signs Makes High-Quality A-frame signs.

At Houston Graphic Signs we make durable and eye-catching A-frames for clients in the Houston area of Texas. We can brand your A-frame with your business’s name and/or logo, and we can design attention-grabbing graphics to install on it, as well.


Apart from A-frames, we design, manufacture, and install a wide variety of different signs and graphics for clients anywhere in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about our products or services, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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