What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are custom-made, raised letters for signage. Channel letters are typically illuminated, making them look impactful. Channel letters that are not illuminated are generally referred to as dimensional letters.

Channel letters are aluminum or plastic “cans” or “pans” shaped into letter forms. We have a team of expert signage consultants who can help you with the creation of your customized channel letter signs. If you would like to learn more about channel letters, please contact us.

Types of Channel Letters


Standard channel letters have aluminum sides (returns) and backs with colored acrylic faces and are illuminated from the inside with either neon or LEDs (light emitting diodes). Since all of our channel letters are fabricated with aluminum they will never rust.


Reverse channel letters are often referred to as “halo lit” and are built somewhat opposite of standard channel letters since they typically have aluminum faces and clear polycarbonate backs. The result is a halo of light around the letters at night which gives a warmer feel but may be slightly less readable.


A raceway is a type of mounting structure that also houses the electrical components of the sign. A wireway is similar but generally contains only wiring, so wireways are thinner than raceways.


Unlike raceway mounted channel letters, direct mounted channel letters are attached directly to the surface of the building. The wiring is then fed through the wall to an interior cavity where the power supplies are located. Direct mounted channel letters are cleaner looking but also require more installation time and drilling of holes into the building.

Channel Letters Features


Illuminated channel letters are highly effective at night, lighting up your brand or marketing message. They attract attention and give small businesses the visibility they need to stand out among large box stores and franchises.

Extremely Durable

channel letters are extremely durable because they are made of material like metals, such as stainless steel, copper, and brass.

Easy to Install

Channel Letters can be installed in any outdoor space.

High Visibility

Channel Letters are highly visible as they are three-dimensional letters themselves.

What are Channel Letters For?

Channel letters are for signs that absolutely need to stand out. Business and corporate signage, building and architecture signage, lobbies, and reception areas are all popular places for channel letters. The thickness of the letters adds a depth of field and the illumination makes them highly visible, especially outdoors.

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