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Real estate signs are crucial to the real estate industry. Even with the advent and popularity of the internet, the need for well-designed and eye-catching real estate signs has not decreased. Realtors need an effective way of telling the public that a property is up for sale. There are many ways to do this, and all avenues should be looked into, but there is no more cost-effective way at notifying the public that a property is for sale than a real estate sign.


Types of Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs come in many different shapes and forms. One popular type of real estate sign might be a panel affixed to a thin metal structure, often aluminum. This type of real estate sign is very inexpensive, and it serves its purpose just fine, but some real estate companies prefer something sturdier or professional. Real estate signs can use wooden poles instead of the thinner metal ones and can use an entire wooden or rectangular metal arch to hang the panel and additional riders.


Apart from the larger wood and aluminum, real estate signs, yard or open house signs are often made from alumalite, dibond, or coroplast. Apart from the more standard form of real estate signs, other types of signs such as A-Frame, sandwich boards, banners, and freestanding flags can create attention to a house that will make people come and take a look.


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Whether you’re selling a home in Richmond, we can produce eye-catching signs. If you’re looking to sell a residential or commercial property in Richmond, Houston Graphic Signs can create and build the perfect real estate sign for you. To get your real estate sign, please contact us today.

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