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Color ManagementDo you remember when everybody on the internet went mad debating over the color of a dress? Some people thought the dress was black and blue and others thought the dress was white and gold. What accounted for this? There were several factors, but one had to do with color management. Some found that if they turned up the brightness on their screens, the dress looked different. Some also found that the dress was a different color on their phone compared to their laptop or tablet.


While color disunity like this rarely causes such a commotion as it did with that dress, it can wreak havoc on the signage and graphics industry. If you bring an idea for a graphic or your company logo to a graphics studio, you expect it to be the same color when they print it on a vinyl vehicle graphic, on a digitally printed wallpaper, or on the LED screen of an electronic sign they have made for you. However, without proper color management, this is rarely the case. Colors of designs often change as they go through different permutations and appear on different screens. It’s kind of like that game ‘telephone’ you played as a child; by the end, the message is different.


That’s why sign and graphics studios must pay close attention to color management.  Houston Sign Graphics has some of the newest technology when it comes to color matching and color depth.  What this gives you is the exact color ranges or hues needed to replicate and reproduce your color scheme.  This information can then be shared with other sign and print shops to produce the exact colors, so your brand looks the same across your marketing platform regardless of the print media used.


If you are proud of your brand image and want it duplicated locally in the Piney Point Village area, or across the country, Houston Sign Graphics can measure and identify the colors needed to reproduce exacting graphics for you.  We can also share this information with other sign, and print shops that we partner with that have similar equipment to ensure your brand and image looks the same coast to coast.  Let Houston Graphic Signs show you how we do this with our technology and our equipment to get your branding colors correct. To learn more about color management, please contact us.


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  • 5 star review  Wonderful experience! Price was competitive, customer service and quality of work was better than expected. I had to replace a store front sign just and these folks went out of there way to make sure they understood what I wanted and exceeded expectations at every point of the process.

    thumb Mark Guzman
  • 5 star review  Michelle and her team work very quickly. When I placed my order with Houston Graphic Signs, I was on a tight deadline. Not only were they Friendly and Helpful but they were also Fast and Professional. The vinyl stickers I ordered look AMAZING and are made with quality materials to hold up to wear and tear! Thank you HGS for a job VERY well done!

    thumb EraKay Hill
  • 5 star review  Used Houston Graphic Signs to wrap one of the trucks in our fleet. We've had a vendor we've used for years that we were satisfied with, but HGS is in our office complex, and we figured we'd give them a shot. The whole process from their quote, to completing the work, to invoicing was seamless and easy. The wrap went on great with no issues, and the price was a significant reduction from what I was used to paying. Great process all around, and I plan on using these guys for all of my graphics needs.

    thumb Brooks Wedeking
  • 5 star review  They made a custom yard sign for me very quickly. It was affordable, well made, and exactly what I was looking for. I have had several neighbors comment on it andI happily yell them where I got it. I would use Houston Graphic signs again without hesitation for any signage needs.

    thumb Deborah Demrest
  • 5 star review  I was impressed with the array and caliber of work that Houston Graphics Signs does and love supporting a local, business that does much of the work in-house, so you know where your “stuff” is and you know it will be done right. I recommend Houston Graphic Signs. Michelle Mason is fantastic at helping you update your signs to get brighter up or help you make what you have stand out increasing visibility. You will be pleased to work with HGS

    thumb Cherryl Finney