Boat Wraps in Spring Valley, TX

Spring Valley Custom Boat Wraps

Boat WrapsYou probably know about vehicle wraps. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ve seen them. Vehicle wraps are a type of vinyl film that appears on, you guessed it, vehicles. There are many different types of vehicle wrap films, but full vehicle wraps are the biggest because they wrap around the entire vehicle to promote a brand or company name.  Vehicle wraps can cover every square inch of a vehicle’s outer frame or span both sides.  Often they are big, bold, and quite useful to get the message noticed.


Uses of Boat Wraps

However, paint protection film or vehicle wraps are not just for cars and trucks.  The new trend now is applying a transparent film that protects the fiberglass or metal hull of boats. When the boat is in the water, the film will protect the hull from minor scratches when it comes in contact with objects in the water. The film will also protect the boats finish when it is out of the water and when loading or unloading on the boat trailer.


Benefits of Choosing for Boat Wraps

You can also apply a graphic or image on your boat that is visible while in the water or out depending on placement.  When your boat is being trailered on the road, your boat will get noticed with your graphic or image.  Your boat wrap will really stand out and catch people’s eyes as it goes down the road. Your boat wrap will help your boat’s finish last for many years and require less maintenance than without.  If you consider your boat as an investment or you are don’t like all the maintenance that comes along with waxing and polishing the hull of your boat, you should consider getting your boat wrapped.


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Boat wraps are becoming more popular among businesses that operate on the water, e.g., water taxis, boat tours, ferry services, and fishing companies that regularly keep their boats in the water all the time.  So whether you have a commercial or a personal recreation boat or even a  wave runner, you will want to wrap your watercraft using Houston Graphic Signs.

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